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Frequently Asked  Questions


-We provide full service delivery! We will work to place all items accordingly.

-Our delivery fees start at $300, this includes set-up fee and tear down fee. Final delivery fee set upon size of delivery and distance. If your order does not meet our delivery minimum, we offer self serve pick up options! We will work with you on an appropriate time, please ensure you have appropriate means of transportation for pick up.

-Please note, we require a 2 hour arrival window for deliveries.


-We will need the following provided for delivery:

-Venue address

-Delivery dates (drop-off/pick-up)

-Onsite contact information for coordination including name and phone number.

-Any additional information or special requests for your delivery.


-We offer a 7 day courtesy hold once you receive your proposal.

-Orders are confirmed when we receive signature and 50% deposit. After the 7 day holding period, rental availability and price is subject to change unless deposit and signature are received.


-50% deposit required upon booking. Final payment due 2 weeks prior to your rental period. Payment in full is required for us to show up at your event.


-Item price includes a 24-hour rental period. Anything over 24 hours is subject to additional charges.


-You may cancel up to 60 days prior to your event. Please note, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

If the order is cancelled within 2 weeks of your event, order will need to be paid in full. 


-Please ensure all rental items are protected from weather and severe elements (rain, snow, dirt, wind) as you are responsible for any damages that may occur. Please have an alternative plan in place should inclement weather occur.


-Damages occurring while in your possession will be billed on the severity of the damage.  Replacement, repair, and cleaning fees may apply.

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